Northrup offers a full range of custom design, build and remodeling services. We take pride in delivering solutions that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to live in and enjoy.

Design & Build

We work with clients to help them realize their personalized goals. How spaces work within their lifestyle is a primary concern. While cohesion, practicality and harmony are all critical elements, we believe great design starts and ends with each client’s expectations.


We specialize in high-end residential and commercial remodeling projects. We bring a wealth of experience to each aspect of the process, with a shared goal of creating beautiful spaces.


Beautiful exteriors take experience and expertise. Our wealth of experience and goal of creating beautiful spaces extends beyond interior renovations.


A garage can go beyond simple functional space. Some of our favorite remodeling projects have included extensive garage renovations. 


When you need more space but don’t want to move, an addition is the perfect solution. Our goal is to build new spaces that blend perfectly with the old to create a seamless extension you will love.

Getting Started

Have a question for us or just wondering how to get started? Just reach out.